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Commercial insurance services in Hawaii

Here at Mutual Underwriters Insurance, you'll find a wide selection of commercial insurance options and packages to meet your needs. Continue reading below to learn more about what we offer or schedule an appointment to speak to one of our agents. We have five locations in Honolulu, Waipahu, Wailuku, Kailua-Kona, and Hilo.
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This plan covers loss of or damage to buildings and contents from common causes such as fire, windstorms to theft and water damage, or broadest of all, "all other perils." Protect your machinery, equipment, fixtures, stock, furniture, and tenants' improvement, under this most fundamental and extensive type of coverage. Another form of property insurance is "business income" which provides a continuing stream of money should your business shut down because of a loss from a fire or windstorm.


Financially damaging court awards and mandatory "no-fault" insurance can cost your business thousands in fines and legal fees. This coverage protects both your vehicles and company against the claims of others for accidents that occur while on the road. 

General liability

If you're sued by someone for a bodily injury or for damaging their property, would you rather pay for your lawyer and the monetary damages yourself, or let us handle it? This plan provides coverage for third party lawsuits, including slander, defamation, product defects and other claims that have the potential of financial ruin.

Workers compensation

In Hawaii, everyone's required and entitled to workers compensation. It protects the employer for employee claims that are work-related and mandated by statute.

Contract surety bonds

These coverage options provide a guarantee that money will be available to finish a job if the contractor cannot because of financial failure or ruin. For the most part, large jobs require bonding and we have the resources and markets to provide you with what you need. 

Professional liability

This is designed to protect you against losses due to errors arising out of the work leading to financial losses by the client. From doctors to lawyers to accountants and druggists, all licensed practitioners are subject to claims such as these. 

Umbrella liability

Umbrella liability provides excess general and automobile liability limits and is useful when the primary insurance limits have been exhausted or a claim develops that is not covered by the primary insurance provider. This also goes over Employers Liability in the workers compensation insurance policy.

Ocean marine

This protection wasn't created only for ocean vessels, but for the cargo carried in them as well. Vessels can include airplanes and trains, where the insurance is not restricted by where you travel. This is an ideal way for importers and exporters to protect themselves and their merchandise.

Inland marine

Similar to ocean marine, but unique in that this coverage applies to items that may or may not be transitory, i.e., mobile equipment, artwork in a gallery, video cameras used for location shooting, other items that are by nature transitory. Where a regular property insurance policy would not do the job, this one will. 

Fidelity and crime

Basically, this type of insurance offers protection against theft by employees or outsiders. Money losses have only limited coverage under the property policy, so this specialty line covers robberies and burglaries as well.
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